You Kill Me

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You Kill Me
You Kill Me
WriterDouglas Petrie
DirectorParis Barclay
Original Airdate26 February, 2008

You Kill Me is the eighth episode of the eighth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Hodges puts the lab techs through a series of "murder games"--a set of bizarre, hypothetical murder scenarios which all take place in the lab. He invites Henry, Mandy and Wendy to play, however unknown to them, his real intentions for the games remain hidden.


Grissom and Brass talk about some case reports and after Brass tells him that he'll have them by tomorrow, he changes the subject to talk about Sara, who went to San Francisco to visit her mother and Brass tries to tell him to go see her, but Grissom says he is busy. As Grissom heads into his office, Archie heads to the garage and documents some bricks of cocaine by taking it out of a suitcase. As he grabs the third one from the top, the case explodes, sending everything flying, glass doors shattering and the techs start running around as the alarm goes off and David Hodges soon comes in, sees Archie, dead and starts laughing evilly. It is soon revealed that he is telling Wendy Simms, who thinks about taking the field test and Hodges tells her it is a thought experiment. He soon tells her that they speak for the dead and to think of this exercise as a way for the dead to speak for themselves. As it goes back to the destroyed garage in the scenario, Hodges tells Wendy to answer two simple questions (at which zombie Archie looks up to the camera to say the answers): "Whodunit and how?" before dying again.

Victim Archie Johnson

After Hazmat cleaned up the scene, David Phillips takes Archie's body to the morgue, passing Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown saying, "No sign of sexual trauma.", which was awkward for Wendy. The Level 3 duo become emotional about Archie's death and cry. Wendy comments that they would be upset and Hodges says they can heroically contain their bereavement. Back in the scenario, the Level 3 duo think it had to be the dealer, hoping the cops got the drugs that they get blown up with it, but Hodges tells Wendy, who theorized it to just let him finish the setup. In the scenario, 20 bricks of cocaine were logged into evidence past midnight as the explosion happened 30 minutes later, but finds 21 wrappers. Since no one touched it since then so the killer had to be someone in the lab. Something clicks and Hodges lies, saying it was his shoe and bends under the table to attend to it as Wendy looks at a case file. In the scenario, Nick looks at a blasting cap and tries to get Wendy to think (through the mind) who soon realizes. Hodges comments the leg wires are color coated. As they talk about the manufacturer, Archie soon comes in the Break Room as Hodges and Wendy think about where to get blasting caps. In the scenario, Bobby Dawson, leads them to the gun cage, where he keeps them, but Warrick stops him and unlocks the case himself. As Warrick looks atthe lock, Nick finds one blasting cap missing and looks at Bobby, who innocently tries to tell the truth. Archie soon asks if the lock had prints, but Hodges replies there are no prints, just metal shavings. Someone stole the blasting cap in an attempt to frame Bobby. Hodges says the explosive that had been used was liquid nitro-acetate and solid ammonium nitrate packed in baking soda to blend in with the cocaine and that it needed to be refrigerated. They look through all fridges and in Tox, Nick finds Nitrogen tetra-hydride and sodium nitrate that produces nitro-acetate if mixed. Nick also finds baking soda in the fridge that was used to conceal the explosive. Henry mixed the chemicals and put it in the fridge where the baking soda absorbs the odors of the mixed chemical inside it. As Brass glares at him while turning his chair around, Henry confesses to killing Archie. As Archie asks why Henry would want to kill him, they don't answer and he leaves, insulted, passing Nick and Warrick, who finished their shift and Warrick thinks of heading to a strip club, but Nick rejects and tries to ask Grissom to have breakfast with him. Back in the break room, Mandy Webster comes in, asking to play with the thought experiment since her day is boring. In a new scenario, Mandy heads into Tox and asks Henry for a report on a victim before discovering Henry is dead, frozen in the freezer, letting out a horrifying scream.

Victim Henry Andrews

Bobby Dawson is blamed as he had peanut butter in his latex gloves and store some stuff in the freezer and tries telling Brass that he hates being persecuted. Brass just replies (in Hodges' raspy voice in an attempt to imitate Brass) "Get used to it, punk."

Victim Wendy Simms

Bobby Dawson is once again blamed because of the gun lubricant, but he says he doesn't use it and tries to leave, only for Brass to gets out a nightstick and taps Bobby's shoulder with it. As Hodges explains the rules of the game, Archie slowly lifts the third brick of cocaine from the top, slowly, he is relieved it doesn't go off. At Tox, Mandy is shocked at seeing Henry in the freezer and tries to open it, but when he moves, Mandy gasps as he comes out, laughing. In the evidence locker, Wendy slips on the ladder and nearly falls off as she grabs an evidence box. In Trace, Hodges finishes his speech, he stands up a little and gets shot. He falls to the floor and the chair he was sitting on spins out of control continuously as he is still smiling with a bullet hole in his forehead.

Victim David Hodges

Bobby Dawson, who loads and fires muskets for fun, is once again blamed. As Brass tries to escort him to interrogation, Bobby breaks free from his grip, steals a nearby police officer's gun and is about to defend himself when Brass distracts him and soon shoots him, six times before spinning his gun and blows the gun smoke away. When Grissom asks what Hodges has against Bobby, Hodges replies it is merely a running gag.


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The 1659 that Greg erased on the OSHA sign, might be the number of days since Catherine Willows blew up the lab.

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