Won't Get Fueled Again

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Won't Get Fueled Again
Won't Get Fueled Again
WriterMatt Partney
Corey Evett
DirectorMatt Earl Beesley
Original AirdateSeptember 29, 2008
Previous Episode: Resurrection
Next Episode: And How Does That Make You Kill?

"Won't Get Fueled Again" is the second episode in the seventh season of the American crime drama CSI: Miami. The episode was first aired on September 29, 2008.


A sound system fills the tents with music. The party-goers are mingling, dancing and drinking. Paul Sanders is in the thick of things, a cigar in his hand and a pretty girl on his arm. He's the one throwing this shindig. He accepts a drink from Maria, a 19-year-old girl who is pretending to enjoy herself. Paul immediately sends her after another drink, asking his date if she'd like something as well.

Paul tells the DJ to turn the music up, and the party gets more energetic. Suddenly, a scream can be heard that sounds out of place. The sound is followed by a ball of fire bursting into the white tent. It's a man, his body in flames, screaming for help.

The party-goers shrink away from the horror and the licking flames as the sheer fabric of the tent is set ablaze. As people run in every direction, the man on fire lurches through the wall of the tent and heads toward the ocean. He collapses before his body can reach the lapping waves.

Horatio meets Frank at the scene. They survey the charred body, and Frank says their victim's identity remains a mystery--all of the party guests are accounted for, and nobody can identify him in this condition. Horatio is introduced to Dr. Tara Price, their new coroner. She's 31 and eager, not to mention enthusiastic about her job.

The burns are especially bad around the victim's mouth. Tara tells Horatio that the deep, extensive burns are clearly the result of an accelerant. This man's death wasn't an accident--he was torched.

The accelerant used turns out to be gasoline. He's covered with it, and it's even in his esophagus--he swallowed it too. Tara gives Eric a tooth from the victim's mouth to test for DNA. They identify him as Dan Granger, a college student with a record for trespassing and stealing. They visit Dan's roommate, Johnny Kwon, and find him selling containers of gasoline to fellow students. Johnny admits that he and Dan siphoned gas from cars by the beach, but he denies killing his roommate.

Johnny gives them the container of gas Dan was siphoning when he died, and he tells them he saw a black Escalade speeding out of the parking lot. A special additive in the gasoline leads them to one specific gas station, and the attendant remembers a black Escalade parked with the hood up, ostensibly with engine trouble.

The attendant admits he didn't pay much attention or ask if the driver needed help. Instead, he was focused on a beautiful young woman who offered to do anything for a free tank of gas. Ryan suggests the woman was meant as a distraction, and the attendant checks the subterranean fuel tank--1,500 gallons of gas are missing. The black Escalade was parked right over the cover to the tank, so they realize the driver must have stolen the gas while the attendant was occupied. Dan Granger was trying to steal gas from a bigger thief, and it might have gotten him killed.


Dan Granger was stealing from the parking attendant, who had been hired by an even bigger deal, a human trafficking ring, needing money to fund the passports. Turns out, the ring was bring run by none other than the host of the party Paul Sanders. It ends in a relatively neat way with Paul transporting the girls and one of them fighting back. Paul freaks wants to know who said No and Horatio steps out from behind them saying 'I did'.

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  • Medical Examiner Tara Price is introduced for the first time.

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