Wild Life

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Wild Life
Wild Life
WriterTreena Hancock,
Melissa R. Byer
DirectorCharles Haid
Original AirdateNovember 18, 2010

Wild Life is the ninth episode of the eleventh season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The death of a casino hotel guest is tied to an unlikely sexual encounter with a married woman in the room next to his, and a cat and a parrot may hold the clues of their owners' apparent double homicide.

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Leisha Hailey as Dana Carlston
  • Jennifer Aspen as Stacy Cano
  • Leonard Roberts as Kyle Decker
  • Damon Herriman as Dwayne Simmons
  • Susan Park as Paige
  • Briane Lane as Maddie
  • Lauren Gottlieb as Suzanne
  • Brian Johnson as Brad Malone

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