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Who and What
Who and What
WriterRichard Catalini
DirectorDanny Cannon
Original AirdateFebruary 12, 2008

Who and What is the sixth episode of the eighth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and marks the first half of a crossover with Without a Trace.


Grissom and the team join forces with New York FBI agent Jack Malone (from Without a Trace), when a boy who went missing years earlier appears to have been murdered in Nevada.


When a woman and a young boy are murdered in a house, CSI processes the scene, but they get a special visitor from the FBI: Jack Malone. Malone flew in because there was a hit on VICAP to a palm print found in the house that echoes a NY kidnapping case six years back. An adopted boy was taken from his home and his babysitter was murdered. He's been missing ever since.

Evidence from the house leads to a poker player from Utah; his son and his ex-girlfriend were the vics in this case. He wasn't involved in their deaths. But DNA from the woman's body matches that of two other rape-murders in CODIS; one in Wyoming and the other in Idaho. A short time later, another rape-murder turns up, this time with the victim's husband killed as well. Sara takes the case hard; the constant bad news is getting to her.

Grissom and Malone realize that the killer is riding the freight train to various points, then hopping off and killing innocent people as he likes. They track him to a casino, only to find he's abducted a woman and killed a police officer as he fled the area. Later they find that the man, Terry Lee Wicker, has also taken a young boy from a local school. When they come across the vehicle the man was driving, they find the missing woman in the trunk and ID her as Wicker's ex-wife, and the mother of the boy Wicker has taken. It's appears that the man came back to find his son, and perhaps take revenge on his ex. Meanwhile, Wicker leaves town on a bus, with his son beside him.


  • Grissom: I've learned that sometimes you can go faster by going slow.

  • Jack Malone: Why'd you run?
  • Michaels: Ummmmmmmmm, I was scared. I was afraid of getting caught?

  • Hodges [to Jack Malone]: Sir, can I ask you something? What's it like on the federal level? You know, pay, working conditions...
  • Jack Malone: You want my honest opinion? There's a lot less competition in Vegas for a guy like you. The FBI has enough ass-kissers already.

  • Jack Malone: When I heard about the ViCAP hit, I got here as fast as I could.
  • Brass: Chopper from the Strip? That's nice. That's my tax dollars at work?

  • Grissom: I'm at a railroad spur about a quarter of a mile from the house.
  • Jack Malone: You taking a trip?
  • Grissom: Carmen Davis's house was next to the tracks, too.
  • Jack Malone: So?
  • Grissom: Freight trains carry bulk fertilizer. I think your killer is riding the rails.

  • Nick: Why kidnap a kid, wait six years, then kill him?
  • Catherine: Most 4-year-olds will do what you tell them. Most 10-year-olds will do what they want.

  • Michaels: You know what this is? Police brutality.
  • Warrick: Yeah, whatever.


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  • The crossover between CSI and Without a Trace aired together in the Czech Republic. The Season 6 of Without a Trace aired 15 months before the Season 8 of CSI and airing of the Without a Trace episode Where & Why, was held until this episode was on schedule.
  • The conclusion of this episode aired as the Without A Trace sixth season episode "Where & Why," which aired immediately after this episode and featured Grissom traveling to New York. Previously, CSI had aired a crossover with the CSI: Miami back-door pilot, "Cross-Jurisdictions."
  • Grissom's (and Sara's) dog is called Hank


  • Who Are You- The Who
  • Who Done It- Jackie Mittoo

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