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Weeping Willows
WriterAreanne Lloyd
DirectorKenneth Fink
Original AirdateMay 5, 2005
Previous Episode: Committed
Next Episode: Iced

Weeping Willows is the twenty-second episode in season five of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


After a tough day on the job, Catherine heads to a bar to unwind and has a brief romantic encounter with a stranger, Adam Novak. When a woman from the same bar turns up dead later that night, evidence points to Novak as the lead suspect in the murder investigation. Friction arises between Grissom and Catherine when she fails to disclose her knowledge of the suspect. Meanwhile, Mia deals with cross contamination of evidence in the DNA lab.


At the end of the shift Catherine Willows goes for a drink in a local bar, Highball, where a guy tries to pick her up. She turns him down and he turns nasty. Later that night, after returning home, Catherine gets called out to support Grissom's team. A girl has been found shot in the head.

As they investigate, it turns out the girl was at the same club Catherine was at, at about the same time. Certain similarities occur which leads her to try to talk to Grissom, but he's distracted by other matters in the lab.

When another body is discovered in similar circumstances they eventually pull in a suspect who turns out to be the same guy who tried to pick up Catherine, a local attorney named Adam Novak. This leads to questions about her private life. Eventually it is discovered that the first victim's ex boyfriend had been stalking her and killed her out of jealousy, later killing the 2nd victim to frame the guy from the bar.

Gil Grissom expresses his displeasure at Catherine's involvement, professing not to have a private life for this reason.


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