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WriterAnthony E. Zuiker
DirectorFrederick King Keller
Original AirdateMarch 22, 2004
Previous Episode: Money for Nothing
Next Episode: Deadline

Wannabe is the eighteenth episode in season two of CSI: Miami.


Horatio and Speedle's case hinges on the testimony of a forensic-evidence enthusiast who stole a blood-drenched latex glove from the scene of a man who was stabbed with a butterfly knife. When Speed tracks him down, the CSI wannabe is impressed with the ease with which Speedle was able to locate him and the two begin to bond. Meanwhile, Delko and Calleigh probe the shooting of a young woman whose body is found wrapped in a plastic garbage bag in a dumpster near the ritzy Miami nightclub where she worked.


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Main Cast

 Guest Cast

  • Sofia Milos as Yelina Salas
  • Brian Poth as Tyler Jenson
  • Billy Kay as Wally Shmagin
  • Salvator Xuereb as Mark Hobbes
  • Ivana Milicevic as Jen Kemp
  • Cristián de la Fuente as Sam Belmontes
  • David Ramsey as Officer Everhart
  • Nicole DeHuff as Carrie Delgado
  • Austin Tichenor as Earl Siddal
  • Melody Perkins as Barbara Nance
  • Nicholas Guilak as Danny Fisch
  • Chaim Jeraffi as Avi Golan
  • Tom Hillman as Special Agent Sackheim
  • Johanna Watts as Rachel Bailey
  • Shelli Bergh as Paula Muro

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