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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Walter Ellis
Gender Male
Family Barbie Aubrey (wife; deceased)
CityLas Vegas
Occupation Serial killer
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Andrew Rothenberg
First Appearance All In

"Thirteen years of living with that bitch! I'm getting out!"

Walter Ellis was a budding serial killer in the season nine finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

All In

After he killed his wife, he hid in the trunk of one of the two cars. When Ray used the keys to unlock the trunk, Ellis started shooting at him. He screamed about having fed up of living with his wife for thirteen years. As Ray comes out of hiding, Ellis raised his gun but Ray shot him first, killing him.


  • Houston Dobbs (shot)
  • Barbie Aubrey (shot)
  • Raymond Langston (attempted; but was shot first)

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