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{{Episode (Las Vegas)||title=Viva Las Vegas
|title=Viva Las Vegas
|series= Las Vegas
|writer=Danny Cannon<br>Carol Mendelsohn
|writer=[[Danny Cannon]]<br>[[Carol Mendelsohn]]
|director=Danny Cannon
|director=Danny Cannon
|date=September 23, 2004
|date=September 23, 2004}}'''Viva Las Vegas''' is the first episode in season five of {{LV}}.
|next=[[Down the Drain]]}}'''Viva Las Vegas''' is the first episode in Season 5 of {{LV}}.

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Viva Las Vegas
WriterDanny Cannon
Carol Mendelsohn
DirectorDanny Cannon
Original AirdateSeptember 23, 2004

Viva Las Vegas is the first episode in season five of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Grissom works a nightclub shooting with Greg Sanders, who finally found a replacement in the lab and now only has to pass his final proficiency test. Catherine investigates when a stripper is found dead in a hotel room. Warrick investigates when a man is found electrocuted in his bathtub. Sara and Nick are called in when an 'alien' is found in a shallow grave near Area 51.

Major Events

  • It's revealed that Greg has finally found a replacement named Chandra Moore to take over his position in the DNA Lab.
  • As a result of not clearing the restroom and peeing in a toilet at the nightclub, Greg fails his final proficiency test but Grissom decides to give him another chance.
  • Unable to cope with the rest of the team comparing her to Greg, Chandra abruptly quits on her first day, resulting in Nick winning a bet he made with Warrick.
  • Catherine's relationship with Chris Bezich ends when she catches him with another woman.


  • The song played at the very beginning of the episode is "Spitfire" by english electronic dance music group "The Prodigy "
  • Jonathan Penner who portrayed "Detective Travis" would later become a three-time contestant on the reality show, Survivor.

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