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    my first blog: hey!!!

    October 13, 2012 by Topcsinyfan

    hey i am kayleigh and this is my first blog post. i will start by typing some info about me but you onnly want to know the important stuff. For example:- who is my fave character for csi ny,csi miami and crime scene investigations or who do i want to be like or what is my favourite out of the three here we go

    firstly my fave out of all three shows?

    It has got to be CSI:NY i absolutly LOVE it.

    next who is my fave character from each of the three shows?

    In Crime Scene Investigations it has to be jim brass as he is funny cool and always makes you laugh. In CSI:NY it will have to be Jessica Angell because she is beautiful fun and it was extremly sad to see her leave but, i also absolutly adore Don Flack as he is super hot and funny and sarc…

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