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{{Character (Las Vegas)|
|name=Cole Herrington
|birth date=July 5th, 1993
|family=Irish American family
*Carly (sister)
*Mary (mother)
*James (father)
|rank=Senior Special Agent
|specialty=Mass murder, schizophrenics and psychopaths
'''Cole Herrington''' was a crime scene investigator working with the Las Vegas Crime Lab. He became head of homicide, but was demoted when he assault several Islamic and atheist suspects due to his prejudices against non-Christians and Anti-Semites. Born and raised in Georgia, Cole moved to Las Vegas after the Columbine massacre.
==Personality and traits==
Cole's dreams of being a [[wikipedia:Dogfight|Dogfighter]] were crushed when the Air Force wouldn't except him. As a former [[wikipedia:Behavioral Analysis Unit|BAU psychological profiler]] while in Georgia, Cole was only called in when the crime involved mass murder, such as the slaughter of the [[Blood Drops|Collins family]] and hunting down [[David Marlon]]. He rarely involved himself in cases of spree killers as they weren't interesting to him.
Cole proudly boasted of being of Irish blood, including being a possible descendant of [[wikipedia:Conaire Cóem|Conaire Cóem]], a 2nd century Irish king. He was also of French, [[wikipedia:Confederate States of America|Confederate]] and Cherokee descent.
Cole was born with Asperger syndrome, a mental disorder that made him socially different than most people. This made him a constant target of bullying in school, starting in the 6th grade that didn't stop until he graduated high school. The pain made him so angry, that he plotted to blow up his high school in the 12th grade, but counseling and time at church allowed him to heal and abandon such plans.
He had an unhealthy obsession with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold because of the similarity of being bullied for years.

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