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September 2, 2014

Hey, I'm a big fan of CSI: Miami, and watched it actively when it still aired. I also like CSI: NY and the older episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000-2008), but Miami is by far the best in my opinion. I frequently watch episodes of Miami on Netflix.

Favorite charactersEdit


  1. Tim Speedle - Speed was my favorite character, and he shouldn't have left the show. I liked his attitude, which was quite finely complimented by the actor portraying him. Speedle was blunt and squinted a lot, attributes shared with myself.
  2. Horatio Caine - Horatio's seriousness and artful way of posing and speaking to criminals, suspects, and victims is the main reason I kept watching the show after Speedle's death. His signature qualities waned as he aged, unfortunately. That, coupled with the deaths of Speed, his brother, and Marisol seem to have contributed to a growing darkness in Horatio, and this is further evidenced by the moderate violence he expresses towards some of the culprits (as seen in "To Kill a Predator" and "Wheels Up").
  3. Ryan Wolfe - Ryan is a lot like me; awkward and occasionally obsessive. That said, I didn't mind him being added to the show, and he ended up being a mostly sufficient replacement for Speed (though he doesn't completely fill the void left by him).
  4. Yelina Salas - She's the most likeable female character imo, and the most attractive. I mostly like her seriousness and calmness. She filled the "beautiful female CSI" role exceptionally well, rivaling Willows from Las Vegas and Stella from NY. I wish she stayed as a regular.
  5. Eric Delko - Delko is pretty funny, and his longevity adds to his amiability. However, I don't like his relationship with Calleigh much, and his attachment to that one prostitute was unnecessary (rivaling Horatio's attachments to female characters with "good intentions"). I guess that was just to strengthen the show's dramatic elements and add to Delko's character dynamics.
  6. Jesse Cardoza - Another character that I don't think should have been killed off. He was pretty cool and had a decent sense of humor.


Flack is my favorite character in NY. I like his attitude and sense of humor. I don't know much about the other characters as I haven't yet gotten around to watching episodes of the show, but I also like Mac Taylor, Sheldon Hawkes, and Danny Messer.

Las VegasEdit

Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, and Warrick Brown are (were in Brown's case) my favorite characters, though I still need to watch more episodes to finalize my assessments.

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