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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Tyler Stirling
Gender Male
Family Unnamed mother
Norman Stirling (father)
CityLas Vegas
Pathology Serial Bomber
School Bomber
Serial Killer
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Ted Redwine
First Appearance Boom

Tyler Stirling was a serial bomber who killed three people.


Stirling's first bomb exploded at the Hansen office building. The only casualty was Jake Richards, a security guard who had discovered the bomb in an abandoned suitcase. Several others were injured, including an elderly man losing his arm. The blast tore off both of Richards' ears off.

Dominic Kretzker, another security guard, knew about bombs and wanted to be helpful to Gil Grissom, but his knowledge made him a suspect. He was even arrested when CSIs learned he had taken a piece of the bomb as a souvenir.

Stirling planted another bomb at the Thrift-Right Car Rental at Flamingo, while Kretzker was jail, proving his innocence. One person at the check-in line was killed.

Stirling's father, Norman, a former manager at the Hansen building, became a suspect. Norman Stirling had filed lawsuits against the company after being let go the previous year. Norman was arrested.

Kretzker would be killed by a bomb planted by Stirling as he tried to take it out of Summit High School, where Tyler attended.

Tyler Stirling was motivated by revenge for his father being fired, which caused his mother to leave the family.