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Two And A Half Deaths
WriterChuck Lorre
Lee Aronsohn
DirectorAlec Smight
Original AirdateMay 8, 2008

Two And A Half Deaths is the sixteenth episode of the eighth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and marks the second half of a crossover with Two and a Half Men.


A temperamental sitcom actress is found dead in her Las Vegas hotel room, and there are plenty of suspects. Soon afterward, her photo double is also killed, this time in Hollywood in the dead actress' car.


Hodges "This isn't enough evidence."
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Relationship with Two and a Half Men Edit

In 2007, Carol Mendelsohn was contacted by Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre about a crossover with CSI. At first, the idea seemed unlikely to receive approval; however, it resurfaced when Mendelsohn and Lorre were at the World Television Festival in Canada and they decided to get approval and run with it.[1] When Mendelsohn was giving a talk, she accidentally mentioned the crossover, that same day Variety Magazine was already inquiring about the crossover episodes. Mendelsohn later stated: "We're all used to being in control and in charge of our own shows and even though this was a freelance-type situation ... there was an expectation and also a desire on all of our parts to really have a true collaboration. You have to give a little. It was sort of a life lesson, I think."[1]

Lorre remarked, "The biggest challenge for us was doing a comedy with a murder in it. Generally our stories are a little lighter...would our audience go with a dead body in it? There was a moment where it could have gone either way. I think the results were spectacular. It turned out to be a really funny episode."[1]

The crossover came in two parts, with the first part being the May 5, 2008 episode of Two and a Half Men entitled Fish in a Drawer. Mendelsohn, Sarah Goldfinger, Naren Shankar and Evan Dunsky wrote the episode while George Eads made a cameo. Three days later, this episode aired as the second part, with Lorre and Two and a Half Men co-creator Lee Aronsohn writing it and the show's three title stars at the time - Charlie Sheen (Charlie), Jon Cryer (Alan) and Angus T. Jones (Jake) all making uncredited cameos in the outfits that they wore in Fish in a Drawer.


  • The movie studio that Grissom and Brass respond to for the crime scene involving Natasha is Universal Studios, Hollywood. As Grissom and Brass are being driven to the scene, they pass a road marker labeled "Jay Ward Drive". Jay Ward was a prolific animator, responsible for such iconic characters as Super Chicken and Tom Slick, among many others.
  • Goof: When Megan Kupowski mourns over Binky, her dead dog, she is conveniently kneeling on a small red rug to protect her knees. The rug also changes positions during the scene.
  • Det. Carolina Flores tells Grissom and Brass that Natasha's body will be taken to Mission Road. The address of the Los Angeles County Coroner is 1104 N. Mission Road, in the city of Los Angeles.


  • Club Donkey Ass (Interlude): OutKast
  • Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley
  • La La La: zZz


  • Grissom (on phone with Catherine): Detective Flores is keeping us in the loop. We're gonna do lunch.
  • Catherine: Okay, well, don't go all Hollywood on us. See 'ya soon. (hangs up)

  • Warrick: (about a blood pool on a carpet) Hey, what does this look like to you?
  • Grissom: Hermaphrodite on rollerskates.
  • Catherine: A puppy.

  • Spencer: Sure, I created the show. When the show became a hit, she became a star. I became a highly paid butt-monkey.
  • Brass: Well, it's a skill like anything else.

  • Grissom: Then the rubber chicken was inserted port-mortem.
  • Dr. Robbins: And thus not the cause of death.
  • Grissom: Might have been a gag. Sorry.

  • Nick: Looks like a comedy writer came out of the closet.
  • Catherine: I doubt if it's the first time.

  • Greg: So, that's it. Robot-man, closet-stalker-guy gets his package grabbed and a TV star dies.
  • Nick: It is the classic story.

  • Grissom: The L.A. coroner's office found semen in Natasha vaginal canal.
  • Bud: What's the L.A coroner's office doing in Natasha's vaginal canal?
  • Brass: Is there somethin' that you wanna tell us, Bud?
  • Bud: Yeah. That's probably my ... you know, in her ... you know.
  • Grissom: We know.
  • Brass: So, you faked your wedding, you use Natasha as a photo double, Annabelle dies, you inherit everything that she had and split it with Natasha. Nice plan.
  • Bud: No, no, no, no, no, no. ... Well, yeah that was the plan. But we didn't kill her. Natasha went up to her room and she was already dead.

  • Henry: So, the clot doesn't thicken but the plot does.

  • Hodges: Bud didn't marry Annabelle. Bud married Natasha pretending to be Annabelle.
  • Catherine: Well, one thing's for sure. Neither one of them is pretending to be dead.


Main CastEdit

  • William Petersen ... Gil Grissom
  • Marg Helgenberger ... Catherine Willows
  • Gary Dourdan ... Warrick Brown
  • George Eads ... Nick Stokes
  • Eric Szmanda ... Greg Sanders
  • Robert David Hall ... Dr. Al Robbins
  • Wallace Langham ... David Hodges
  • Paul Guilfoyle ... Captain Jim Brass

Guest CastEdit

  • David Berman ... David Phillips
  • Liz Vassey ... Wendy Simms
  • Jon Wellner ... Henry Andrews
  • Larry Mitchell ... Officer Mitchell
  • Katey Sagal ... Annabelle Fundt / Natasha Steele
  • Rachael Harris ... Megan Kupowski
  • Diedrich Bader ... Bud Parker
  • Stephen Tobolowsky ... Spencer Freiberg
  • Constance Marie ... Detective Carolina Flores
  • Benjamin King ... Stewart Lytle
  • Tom McGowan ... Mark
  • J.D. Walsh ... Eddie
  • Kevin Sussman ... Don
  • Brian Letscher ... Richard Langford
  • Dayna Devon ... Herself
  • Jon K. Farless ... Murph (uncredited)
  • Schatar Sapphira ... Paparazzi (uncredited)
  • Charlie Sheen ... Himself/Charlie Harper (uncredited)
  • Jon Cryer ... Himself/Dr. Alan Harper (uncredited)
  • Angus T. Jones ... Himself/Jake Harper (uncredited)

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