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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Tina Brewster
Gender Female
Family Warrick Brown (ex-husband)
Eli Brewster (son)
Darcy (niece)
CityLas Vegas
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Status Alive
Portrayed By Meta Golding
First Appearance Shooting Stars
Tina Brewster (formerly Tina Brown) is the ex-wife of the late CSI, Warrick Brown. Tina and Warrick also have a son named Eli.


Tina is Warrick's ex-wife. They married at a drive-through wedding ceremony literally hours before the season six opening, to Catherine's dismay. They had a son together named Eli. In season 8, their relationship started to fracture and they eventually divorced. Warrick started fighting for shared custody of their son, but the issue was left unresolved as a result of his death and forced Tina to raise him alone.

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