Time Bomb

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Time Bomb
WriterMatthew S. Partney
Corey Evett
DirectorSam Hill
Original AirdateMay 17, 2010
Previous Episode: Mommie Deadest
Next Episode: All Fall Down

Time Bomb is the twenty-third episode of Season 8 of CSI: Miami.


When Horatio's ex-girlfriend is killed in an explosion, the team looks within their own department to find the killer. The team is uneasy as Eric returns to do some undercover investigation and evidence leads to the discovery of stolen diamonds in Ryan's house. They must find the real culprit and exonerate Ryan before things get out of hand.

Major EventsEdit

  • Assistant State Attorney Rebecca Nevins is killed in a bomb explosion.
  • As a result of having evidence found in his home including the missing diamonds, Ryan is arrested.
  • Rick Stetler is finally exposed as the one responsible for planting the bomb that killed Nevins although he was intending to kill Delko and he is also revealed to be the one who stole the diamonds from the evidence locker.

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