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|image=[[Image:Three Generations are Enough.jpg|280px]]
|image=[[Image:Three Generations are Enough.jpg|280px]]
|writer=Andrew Lipsitz
|writer=Andrew Lipsitz
|director=Alex Zakrzewski
|director=Alex Zakrzewski
|date=November 24, 2004
|date=November 24, 2004
|next=[[Officer Blue]]}}'''Three Generations are Enough''' is the ninth episode in season 1 of ''[[CSI: NY]]''.
|next=[[Officer Blue]]}}
'''Three Generations are Enough''' is the eighth episode in season 1 of ''[[CSI: NY]]''.

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Three Generations are Enough
Three Generations are Enough
WriterAndrew Lipsitz
DirectorAlex Zakrzewski
Original AirdateNovember 24, 2004
Previous Episode: Rain
Next Episode: Officer Blue

Three Generations are Enough is the eighth episode in season 1 of CSI: NY.


A lone briefcase is found at the NYMEX and a bombsquad is called in. When the briefcase is opened, there is nothing but a bloody note and the briefcase belongs to Luke Sutton, a man who has been reported missing. A pregnant woman falls to her death from the roof of a church.


Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Guest Stars

  • Peter O'Meara as Paul Stryzewski
  • Larry Clarke as Father Tim Murphy
  • Sarah Aldrich as Emily Dent
  • Tom Bresnahan as Nick Lawson
  • Jerry Brennan as Security Rover
  • Jeff Campbell as Bomb Squad Lieutenant
  • Nick McCallum as Rookie
  • Kevin Pierce as Trader #1
  • Mark Crane as Trader #3
  • Gustavo Navarro as Trader #4
  • Steven Flynn as Luke Sutton
  • Mike Kirkland as Trader #2
  • Gail Monion as Trina Rolston


  • Gail Monian, who plays Trina Rolston, also appears in episode Justified (credited as Alex Madison).


  • "Marakesh" by Peace Orchestra.
  • "Do As You Please" by Diefenbach.
  • "Blood Brothers" by Bruce Springsteen.
  • "The Best That You Can Get" by Ollie Nightingale.


Stella: (about church) It seems like whenever I do go, the sermon's always about forgiveness. And then I think about what we do.
Mac: Forgiveness isn't part of our job.

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