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The Unusual Suspect
WriterAnthony E. Zuiker (creator)
Allen MacDonald
DirectorAlec Smight
Original AirdateMarch 30, 2006
Previous Episode: "I Like to Watch"
Next Episode: "Spellbound"

Plot OutlineEdit

When a student is arrested and tried for the murder of a popular high-school girl, the suspect's 12-year-old sister surprises everyone by confessing to the crime in court, resulting in the judge giving the prosecution 72 hours to re-examine the evidence before the jury delivers its verdict.

Full SummaryEdit

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 Main Cast Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

Guest-Starring Edit

  • Juliette Goglia as Hannah West
  • Douglas Smith as Marlon West
  • Steven Grayhm as Scott Baird
  • Jessica Tuck as Sally West
  • James Michael McCauley as Mr. Baird
  • Jim Holmes as Jim West
  • John Rubinstein as Judge Crawford
  • Meredith Scott Lynn as Attorney Carol Allred
  • Mark Tomesek as Mr. Vollmer
  • Mari Weiss as Foreman
  • Lisa Clifton as Mrs. Vollmer
  • Imani Hakim as Darcy
  • Maitland McConnell as Stacy Vollmer


  • Goof: When the CSI's are talking behind the glass with the Lawyer after the boyfriend has been interviewed (and cleared) the lawyer should say "so we're back to Marlon and Hannah" instead he says Malcolm and Hannah.
  • This episode was originally titled "Unusual Suspects."
  • Although listed in the opening credits, William Peterson, Paul Guilfoyle, and Eric Szmanda do not appear in this episode. Peterson had appeared in the previews of this episode.
  • During a commercial, executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced that his company and GMC plan to donate several Yukons like the ones seen on the show to the police departments in Las Vegas & Los Angeles.


  • Rock & Roll Queen- The Subways
  • Someday You Will Be Loved- Death Cab for Cutie
  • War- Cobra
  • Moon- Little People


  • Hannah (on the stand in the courtroom): Marlon didn't kill Stacy. I did. (stands up and opens her sweater to reveal a dirty and bloody shirt) I was wearing this when I did.

  • Sara: I bet you really liked high school.
  • Nick: Yeah. Playin' football, chasin' girls, books when I wanted to learn somethin', what's not to like?

  • Mandy: Twelve-year-old killer, huh?
  • Nick: Starting to look that way.
  • Mandy: I bet that Grand Theft Auto had something to do with it.
  • Nick: Mmm, I don't know, I don't think Hannah is the video game type.
  • Mandy: You never know. Between you and me, I actually think it's a ton of fun.

  • Sara (reading what was written on Hannah's dress): Rainbow party?
  • Nick: Yeah, it's a party game where the boys get the girls to wear different colored lipsticks while they have oral sex. The boy with the most colors wins. It's supposed to be trendy.
  • Sara: So much for spin the bottle.

  • Sara: Do you have any physical evidence that would conclusively rule Hannah out as a suspect?
  • Nick: Well...yeah. She's 4"3 and 65 pounds. The crime just required more strength than she's got.
  • Catherine: How old is she?
  • Nick: Twelve.
  • Warrick: In high school?
  • Nick: She's a high school senior. She skipped six grades. She's a prodigy.
  • Sara: Which means that she has the brains for murder.

  • Warrick [to Catherine]: You rang?
  • Catherine: I got the DNA results from the blood on Hannah's sweater.
  • Warrick: Stacy?
  • Catherine: Hannah.
  • Warrick: So, she fabricated evidence and put her own blood on the shirt.
  • Catherine: Maybe, maybe not. I mean, the soil was consistent with the dump site. Hannah could have been at the scene. She could have cut herself burying the body.
  • Warrick: Or she could have gone back to the field any time in the last four months and rubbed her shirt in the same kind of dirt.
  • Catherine: And counted on us to make the match? (Warrick shrugs) Well, that's just plain scary smart. I mean, my daughter is a few years older than her and the most important thing on her mind right now is how much belly-button to show off at the mall...I never thought I'd be grateful for that.

  • Hodges: Does that make Doogie Howserette our killer?
  • Nick: Nah, I kinda doubt it.
  • Hodges: Don't be so sure. It's not easy.
  • Nick: What isn't easy, Hodges?
  • Hodges: Being profoundly gifted. Knowing that everybody knows that you're always ten steps ahead of them. It's a lot of pressure. (Nick gives him a look, and starts walking away) Some days you just feel like you're going to snap.
  • Nick: I know the feeling.

  • Sara: Shared bathroom... very Brady.

  • Sofia (to Hannah): Two confessions: One crime. We don't get that a lot.

  • Hannah: You don't think I could have done it. Either one of you.
  • Sara: That's a big job...for a little girl.
  • Hannah: Not if you have the right tools.
  • Sara: Smart kid like you, knows your brother is suffering, you feel bad, you wanna you fabricate some evidence.
  • Hannah: Uh, if you thought the evidence was fake I wouldn't still be in jail. (Sofia and Sara both give each other looks knowing that Hannah is right) Don't you wanna know why I did it?

  • Sara: [to Hannah about Stacy's murder] You put sodium in the showerhead to get back at her?
  • Hannah: A prank for a prank. I thought that there'd be a few sparks, that she'd freak out and that'd be it, but the nozzle exploded. Stacy ran... and fell down the stairs... and died. I tried to cover it up.
  • Sara: You miscalculated.
  • Hannah (coldly): I guess I did.

  • Hodges: Ah, teen lust. It starts with some chemistry, mess around with some biology. (Nick and Sara give each other looks) And once you have some experience under your belt then you introduce the physics. Apparently chivalry is not dead. The bloody fingerprint tested positive for nonoxynol spermicide.
  • Nick: So much for the boyfriend.
  • Sara: If we can't pin this on Hannah or Marlon they could both walk.
  • Hodges: You could flip a coin.

  • Warrick: This is Darcy, my wife Tina's niece.
  • Sara: Hey, Darcy. (Darcy kinda waves)
  • Nick: Yeah, you were right she's about Hannah's size.
  • Warrick: More or less.
  • Darcy: Stop talkin' about me. (Warrick pulls an earbud out of her ear) Hey, that was the best part!
  • Warrick: That's what the pause button is for. It's time to work, it's child labor day. (Sara laughs)

  • Sara: Stacy landed here and bled out from the trauma to her skull.
  • Nick: Darcy, why don't you put those headphones back on?
  • Darcy: Like I didn't hear what you just said. (Warrick smirks)

  • Darcy: So did I help the dead girl? (the CSIs look at each other sadly)

  • Conrad Ecklies: [to Nick] Good news is Judge Crawford denied the defense's motion to dismiss.
  • Nick: Of course he did. She's just a mixed-up kid trying to protect her older brother. All the evidence points to Marlon.
  • Conrad Ecklies: Yeah, and all the jury's going to remember is a little girl in a bloody shirt confessing to murder. That's reasonable doubt on a silver platter.

  • Nick: [to Marlon] You moved the body, you buried it.
  • Marlon: I know I did; I was there. What's the problem?
  • Nick: Well, the problem is what happened in the locker room. I mean, you're not the kind of guy who puts sodium in a showerhead to get back at somebody. You just trip them in the hallway.
  • Marlon: So you think I'm too stupid to have done it. Great, join the club.
  • Nick: I don't think you're stupid, Marlon; I didn't say you were stupid. But this is Hannah's game. The whole way.

  • Hannah: Look, I don't need a lawyer, and I don't need my parents. I just want to do what's right.
  • Sara: Hannah, taking the blame for something you didn't do may be noble, but it doesn't make it right.
  • Hannah: That's deep. Okay. It happened like this: Stacy humiliated me, I wanted revenge.
  • Sara: Yeah, and you knew that there was no way you were ever going to get it by yourself.

  • Nick: The evidence says either one of them could have done it, but I think they were in it together.
  • A.D.A. Jeffrey Sinclair: Okay, I'll proceed against Marlon for the murder and bring charges against Hannah for conspiracy.
  • Conrad Ecklie: Another trial? You sure you want to go through all this again?
  • A.D.A. Jeffrey Sinclair: Stacy's parents and the community will have my ass if I don't.
  • Sara: Well, then maybe this is good news. I was just going over Sofia's notes from the original investigation. The night of the murder, Hannah and Marlon's parents had left them alone in the house. A pizza was delivered to the residence around 9:00 PM.
  • Nick: That's right around Stacy's TOD.
  • A.D.A. Jeffrey Sinclair: So, did anybody talk to the delivery guy?
  • Sara: Yes, and at the point that Sofia did, a month had passed. Now, the delivery guy's at the house all the time. He recognized photos of both kids, but he could not be sure which one answered the door that night.
  • Nick: But one of them did answer the door. [Sara nods] So that means they were not together at the time Stacy was killed.
  • Conrad Ecklie: Yeah. So much for conspiracy. We're right back where we started.
  • A.D.A. Jeffrey Sinclair: Where we are is in the crapper. Look, I have to disclose the cart. Defense is going to eat me alive.
  • Nick: Marlon's your guy. He's your guy, just because Hannah wasn't there doesn't mean she didn't help plan this.
  • A.D.A. Jeffrey Sinclair: Well, I sure hope it's Marlon, because he's the one we have on trial.
  • Nick: I stand by the case we filed.
  • Conrad Ecklie: I agree. The girl's just trying to protect him.
  • A.D.A. Jeffrey Sinclair: Sara?
  • Sara: This was more about brains than brawn. I think Hannah did it.
  • Conrad Ecklie: Two out of three.
  • A.D.A. Jeffrey Sinclair: In my world, that's called an acquittal.

  • Sara: Hey there.
  • Hannah: Did you come to say bye?
  • Sara: No, actually you and I are going to be seeing a lot of each other. If you thought the DA wouldn't prosecute a twelve year old for murder, you were wrong. He wants justice for Stacy and her family.
  • Hannah: Of course, he's a total linear thinker. Most of you guys are.
  • Mrs. West: Shame on you Miss Sidle. Come on, Hannah, you don't need to listen to this.
  • Hannah: Mom...just give us a second. (her mom walks away) You were saying?
  • Sara: Here. (she goes and sits on the bench and Hannah stands in front of her) Hannah, with your gifts you could have done anything you could have wanted and you picked murder. You can't take that back.
  • Hannah: You're worried how I'm gonna turn out?
  • Sara: Of course I am. I know it seems like a really long time five years all the Stacy's of the world would have been behind you.
  • Hannah: Let me guess? You were a smart kid in school, maybe you feel that we're a little bit alike?
  • Sara: There aren't many people like you.
  • Hannah: That's what my parents always say too. The last four months all they cared about was the effect of the trial on me not *Marlon. It's been that way ever since I was 14 months old and was spelling words with plastic letters. It's so unfair and nobody ever sees it. He doesn't deserve to go to jail. If I get convicted, what's the worst case scenario? I mean, I'll be out in five years with an undergraduate degree. There's no Son of Sam law in Nevada. That was ruled unconstitutional, so I'm free to write a book about all of this. (Sara is staring opened mouthed at her, shaking her head) The story will be worth millions. Freaks are always good box office.
  • Sara (still shocked): You're not a freak.
  • Hannah: When was the last time you had to sit down to be eye level with a murder suspect who was standing up?
  • Sara: Hannah, you are smart.
  • Hannah: So I've been told.
  • Sara: But you are not smart enough to get away with murder.
  • Hannah: I think I am. A lot of people are smart enough to get away with murder. You probably are too, but you have to be really smart to get people to think that something happened that never did.
  • Sara: What do you mean... exactly?
  • Hannah: Please don't worry about me, I'm gonna be fine. (Sara is staring at her completely shocked and Hannah leans in close to her ear and whispers) I didn't kill Stacy, Marlon did. (Hannah walks away, leaving Sara looking completely shocked)

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