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The Twin Paradox
Twin Paradox
WriterChristopher Barbour
DirectorPhil Consevra
Original AirdateNovember 16, 2014

 The Twin Paradox is the sixth episode of the fifteenth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Frustration mounts for the CSI team as another victim surfaces and all evidence points to the Gig Harbor Killer.


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Main CastEdit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Mark Valley as Daniel Shaw
  • Floriana Lima as Keri Torres
  • Yvette Freeman as Cynthia Hughes
  • Patricia Arquette as Avery Ryan
  • Andrea Bogart as Blonde Woman

Trivia Edit

  • When entering the Mizu Hotel (at appoximatley 30:33), a poster for Knuckles and Nash is seen on the floor, possibly making a reference to the season 10 episode Take My Life, Please!, where Nash is the murder victim.

See AlsoEdit

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