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The Theory of Everything
WriterDouglas Petrie
DirectorChris Leitch
Original AirdateApril 15, 2008
Previous Episode: Drops Out
Next Episode: Two And A Half Deaths

The Theory of Everything is the fifteenth episode in season eight of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


While investigating a series of unusual deaths, the team discovers that all of the victims are tied together through a strange set of circumstances.


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  • Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage made cameos as lab technicians. Specifically, they watch and take notes when Nick tests whether a stun gun can set a perp's shirt on fire after the perp has been maced. Subsequently, the two of them received many requests to put that premise to the test on MythBusters, and in a 2010 episode called Fireball Stun Gun, they did just that. Basing their analysis on the fire triangle, the two of them found that the myth was plausible because some pepper sprays use oil-based propellant, stun guns can create a big spark especially if they get caught in the target's clothing, and acrylic fabric is in itself flammable.

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