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Lost Reindeer
CSI; Crime Scene Invastigation - S14 E11 The Lost Reindeer (1)
WriterGavin Harris
DirectorFrank Waldeck
Original AirdateDecember 11, 2013
Previous Episode: Girls Gone Wild
Next Episode: Keep Calm and Carry On

Lost Reindeer is the eleventh episode in season fourteen of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


When a man is found murdered at an elaborate holiday party complete with real snow and live reindeer, the CSI team is brought in to investigate.


At an elaborate private seasonal party complete with real snow and live reindeer, the Santa is fatally stabbed. The teams finds he switches places, barely noticed, with host Ryan Bonham, whose pre-teen son Blake is the only witness of an intruder. Furthermore, the fake snows got mixed with a Mexican cartel's smuggled cocaine.


Main Cast:

Guest Cast

  • David Alpay as Ryan Bonham
  • David Ury as Jayson Walt
  • Patrick Kilpatrick as Gary Lee Walt
  • Scot Zeller as Brad Fante
  • Jadon Wells as Blake Bonham
  • Alexis Krause as Rachel Walker
  • Joshua Kwak as Fred Larkin
  • Rachelle Pettinato as Eva Bonham


David Hodges: Aren't vaguely Dickensain suburban kids Russell's department?
Captain Jim Brass: Happy holidays!
D.B. Russell: Not for Santa, I hear.
Captain Jim Brass: There is gonna be a lot of disappointed kids this year.

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