The Inferno Killers

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The Inferno Killers (so named for the purpose of this wiki) were a group of spree killers that appeared in "Skin in the Game" and "The Devil and D.B. Russell".


Modus OperandiEdit

The group targeted, prostitutes, strippers and other sex trade workers who sought shelter at the Fellowship for the Fallen Angels. They would kill them in various ways, though the first victims were killed by strangulation or some other form of asphyxiation. The victims were then posed to look like illustrations from a 16th century edition of Dante's The Divine Comedy. The group's signature was leaving behind hollowed-out bibles with a rectangular case inside near the victims. Circles were also prominently featured at the crime scenes, not just in objects, but also carved on the cases.

Mutual VictimsEdit

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