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The Hunger Artist
WriterJerry Stahl
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateMay 16, 2002

The Hunger Artist is the twenty-third episode and the season two finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The CSIs investigate when the body of an unidentified young woman is discovered stuffed in an overturned shopping cart near a freeway underpass. Her horribly disfigured and partially decomposed face is a nightmare of blood, scabs and scars, as if she'd been shoved into a fan. The team soon discovers the victim was a fashion model and that her homeless sister is a likely suspect.


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Main CastEdit

(Credit order)

Recurring RolesEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Susan Misner as Cassie James
  • Bill Sage as Frank McBride
  • Mark Sheppard as Rod Darling (credited as Mark A. Sheppard)
  • Tricia Helfer as Ashleigh James
  • Catherine MacNeal as Grissom's Doctor
  • Jimmie F. Skaggs as Tookie
  • Bonnie Burroughs as Dusty
  • Keith Allan as Fashion Photographer
  • Erin Guzowski as Lola the Model
  • Nicole Randall Johnson as Nurse

Episode TitleEdit

  • A Hunger Artist is a short story by Franz Kafka. In addition, the plot of the episode is very similar to that of the short story.
  • A hunger artists or starvation artists are performers who starved themselves for extended periods of time, for the amusement of audiences who paid to watch them.

Major EventEdit

  • Grissom begins experiencing problems with his hearing, because he finds out that he suffers from Otosclerosis, the same disease that made his mother deaf.

Featured MusicEdit

  • Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield
  • Gave Up by Nine Inch Nails
  • Me and Jesus by Stellar Kart
  • Smiling Faces by Stellar Kart

See AlsoEdit

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