The Fall

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The Fall
The Fall
WriterAnne McGrail
Bill Haynes
DirectorNorberto Barba
Original AirdateMarch 2, 2005
Previous Episode: Hush
Next Episode: The Dove Commission

The Fall is the seventeenth episode in season one of CSI: NY.


When young gang members murder the owner of an upscale Bronx wine store, the C.S.I's must work to find evidence that ultimately ties someone to the crime. Before dying, the store owner makes a statement to police identifying his attackers as young gang members. Meanwhile, Danny and Aiden investigate the death of an influential movie producer found dead on the canopy of his Chelsea apartment building.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons
  • Brad Grunberg as Melvin Heckman
  • Stacey Travis as Chandra Heckman
  • Patrick Fischler as Brent
  • Jack Gwaltney as Sgt. Gavin Moran
  • Erik Gavica as Tomas Perez
  • Rose Abdoo as Blanca Vasquez
  • Clark Gregg as District Attorney Allen McShane
  • Mike Risco as Hector Vasquez
  • Casey Strand as Gwen
  • Cisco Reyes as Luis Accosta
  • William Wallace Gray as Owner


  • After reviewing the security footage of a robbery and realizing there's a missing can at the scene, the team assume one of the cops on the scene removed it. However, the murderers shot out the security camera before the actual shooting occurred, so anything could have happened during the off-camera, including the killers having taken the can with them, a possibility that was never considered.


  • "Slavonic Dance Op.45, No.1" by Antonin Dvorak.
  • "Ibrahim" by Diefenbach.
  • "You Me" by Trafik.
  • "Logic" by ILS.


Aiden: Melvin Heckman. His grandfather owns a movie studio. They're like film royalty.
Danny: Well, no more red carpet treatment for him.

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