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==See Also==
==See Also==
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*[[CSI:Crime Scene Investigation Season 9]]
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[[Category:CSI: Las Vegas Episodes]]
[[Category:CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Episodes]]
[[Category:CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Episodes]]

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The Descent of Man
WriterEvan Dunsky
DirectorChristopher Leitch
Original AirdateApril 9, 2009

The Descent of Man is the nineteenth episode of the ninth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The near-death of a skydiver whose parachute was sabotaged turns out to be connected with the deaths of two men who were killed from the sky. A prophet of a grass-roots cult is found dead, his head struck by something hard, in the middle of the desert.


Hodges "This isn't enough evidence."
This article is Trace Evidence. You can help the Crime Lab by investigating it further.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Stars

  • Charisma Carpenter as Mink
  • Erin Daniels as Schuyler
  • Emmanuel Delcour as Pierre Delongue
  • Greg Germann as George
  • Michael Gianelli as Allen McKenna
  • Lindsay Hartley as Gretchen Javid
  • Kavon Karami as Ismail Javid
  • Andrew Kirsanov as Holy Steven
  • Eric Allen Kramer as Deputy Sheriff
  • Christopher Maleki as Persian Killer
  • Ivo Nandi as Max Girard


  • In the episode the scene where the victim 'Holy Steve' is killed was filmed at "Vasquez Rocks", a famous film set used in many westerns and most notably featured in the episode Star Trek: Arena. Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park is actually located in Northern Los Angeles County, California
  • The bird watcher who discovers the body in the desert says: "he used to be into birdwatching, but he gave it up. Too much death". This is a reference to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Art Imitates Life - where he discovers the bodies of a married couple while bird watching.


  • One of the main plot points is that the ultralight plane was tracked on radar to near wear the toxin was dropped and then back to the airport it came from. Almost all ultralight aircraft are too small and fly to low to the ground to show up on the radar.


Captain Jim Brass: So, according to this, you said that you struck the Steven with his staff. You smote him. That isn't true, is it?

George: Yea -- no

Captain Jim Brass: What did you hit him with? Oh, it says here a large rock.

George: Yes

Captain Jim Brass: No, wait a minute, the branch of a tree.

George: Yes

Captain Jim Brass: No, a hockey stick

George: Yes

Captain Jim Brass: You didn't really kill Steven, did you?

George: No

Captain Jim Brass: So why'd you confess to murder?

George: Well, I try to live my life according to the 17th proclamation of the Steven, from his second sermon at the Starbucks.

Captain Jim Brass: Oh, I missed that one

George: "It is better to be agreeable than to be right"

Captain Jim Brass: That's not religion, that's marriage.

George (Laughs): That'...very...

Captain Jim Brass: So you didn't kill Steven?

George: Yes. No.

Captain Jim Brass: You did?

George: Yes

Captain Jim Brass: You killed him?

George: No

Captain Jim Brass: Are you clinically insane of just incredibly annoying?

George: What would you prefer?

Holy Steven (The gospel according to "Holy" Steven): Greetings, siblings. Today we learn the lesson of the barista, who taught me - Steven - this lesson. I did not want whipped cream on my half-caf venti mocha latte. But when it arrived so and I mentioned it, the barista said, "Dude, we're slammed here. Can't you just spoon it out?". And I realized, I could and I did. And thus I freed myself of the conflict that would afflict all the other good people in line. So remember, siblings. In all things be supple of thought and pilant of deed.

Nick Stokes: There's a story for you. I think I'll sell it to Holly-weird. Get rich.

Nick Stokes: Those Persian dudes are tough, man.

Dr. Raymond Langston: Well, there were once an empire that stretched half-way across the known world. The greek playwright, Aeschylus, wrote about the territorial ambitions of the Persian empire against Greece in his great cycle of tragedy and war "The Persians." Um - fifth century BC.

Riley Adams: I will definitely put that on my reading list

Nick Stokes: Um-hmm

Riley Adams: Does anybody wanna grab some breakfast?

Nick Stokes: Yeah. Yep.

Greg Sanders: Why are you always thinking about food?

Dr. Raymond Langston: None of you has read Aeschylus?

Nick Stokes: I've been meaning to.

Catherine Willows: What are the odd, right?

Dr. Raymond Langston: Before it happened I would've said slim. But since it did happen - a hundred percent.

Catherine Willows: Seem like a lot of things keep fallin out of the sky, right? Poison, people, turtles.

Dr. Raymond Langston: Tortoises.

Catherine Willows: Whatever. Maybe I should start wearing a helmet.

Dr. Raymond Langston: Or at least carrying an umbrella.

Dr. Raymond Langston (With Hodges in the morgue, reading a tattoo on a dead body): 'Spread the word, I am coming'.

David Hodges: And you is gone!

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