The Closer

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The Closer
The Closer
WriterPam Veasey
DirectorEmilio Estevez
Original AirdateMay 11, 2005
Previous Episode: On the Job
Next Episode: What You See Is What You See

The Closer is the twenty two episode in season one of CSI: NY.


The team examines the murder of an avid Boston Red Sox fan found dead with a ruptured spleen following a tough loss against the New York Yankees. Danny must put his baseball skills to the test to piece together the evidence as the C.S.I's try to find out how and why he was murdered. Meanwhile, after testifying in a murder trial, Mac is confronted by the defendant, Quinn Sullivan, who questions the validity of the evidence. Mac is torn between trusting science or his desire to help a man facing jail time who swears he's innocent. Also, when a truck kills a barely clad woman early one morning, the team investigates why she was running through the streets and from whom.


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