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The Accused is Entitled
WriterElizabeth Devine,
Ann Donahue
DirectorKenneth Fink
Original AirdateOctober 3, 2002

The Accused Is Entitled is the second episode of season three of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Grissom and his team investigate a crime involving a famous movie star in which one woman is dead in his hotel suite and another is missing. They must perform under not only the media spotlight, but also under the scrutiny of Grissom's mentor, who uses his knowledge of Grissom and the other CSIs to discredit their evidence in his role as hired expert for the defense.


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Main CastEdit

(Credit order)

Recurring RolesEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Chad Michael Murray as Tom Haviland
  • Michael B. Silver as Prosecutor for CSI
  • Michael Ensign as Judge Peter Croft
  • Marta Martin as Suzi Bergh
  • David Purdham as Ray-Ray Varney's Lawyer
  • Lindsay Frost as Atty. Marjorie Westcott
  • Raymond J. Barry as Dr. Phillip Gerard
  • Linda Kim as Tonya
  • Thomas Kuehl as Ray-Ray Varney
  • J. Antonio Moon as Bailiff
  • Nancy Yoon as Kim Hsu
  • Shahid Ali as Craps Player / Fan
  • Nate Bynum as Black Media
  • C.C. Carr as Female Media
  • Jamal Clark as Security Guard
  • Justin Cooper as Caucasian Media
  • Corinna Harney as Girl Gone Wild (credited as Corinna Harney-Jones)
  • Don Mirault as Ken Murdock
  • Frank Patton as Stick Player
  • Max Shippee as Fan
  • The Wallflowers as Themselves (uncredited)



  • During the trial, Grissom testifies that the scar which proves the actor committed the murders, is on his left knee. But in a blow-up picture which Grissom shows to the court, the scar is seen on the actor's right knee.
  • On the stand, Sara is questioned about her 'affection' for Grissom, having been seen by an eyewitness performing a romantic gesture, which was actually just brushing chalk from his face (in the Scuba Doobie-Doo episode). How could anyone have seen that happen, much less remember it a year later? It was late at night, they were standing behind a wall, so they were shielded from the traffic. They were wearing caps so anyone watching from above in the building wouldn't have known it was them, not to mention the fact nobody would know who they were anyway. And given that the defense lawyer, Ms Soundbite, had made sure they didn't go for a continuance and CSI were working all hours, how would she have had time to even canvass for that kind of information?
  • When Nick is examining the gambling table and checking for blood on the dice, he finds a sample that proves positive. He smiles, looks up at the surveillance camera, and then indicates that everyone can come and play at the table again and we see people swarm in around him. Yet, his sample envelopes are still on the table, he hasn't put his swab away, he hasn't collected the dice, and his measuring L is still in place. There is no way a CSI would release that scene until it was properly clear.
  • When Gil and Philip Gerard are walking down the hallway, Phillip calls Gil Petersen, which is the last name of the actor who plays Gil Grissom.
  • When Warrick, Catherine, Grissom, and the prosecutor are walking down the hallway and the prosector is talking about the blood evidence being contaminated, Warrick mispronounces Tom Haviland's name as "Tom Halivand".


Warrick (to Grissom): You don't recognize that guy, do you? It's Tom Haviland, movie star.
Grissom: Clark Gable was a movie star.

Greg: Now, I know I haven't been getting out in the field very much, but how does a guy get a girl's blood in his mouth when he's killing her?
Nick: Murder's messy, my friend.

Marjorie Westcott (while on television): Aside from the fact that the other woman in this case also known as Tonya is still at large and is still a likely suspect in this murder the evidence Las Vegas CSI did collect the evidence they're using to railroad my client, Tom Havilan has been completely and irretrievably compromised. I'm holding in my hand compromised, contaminated evidence, ladies and gentlemen. CSI should be ashamed and you, as citizens should be outraged. This is not how we do things in America.

Sara: Can't the DA drop the charges and we'll refile when we get our evidence together?
Catherine: Sure, but the odds are that Tom will relocate to Europe and pull a Polanski.
Greg: And what's a Polanski?
Grissom: Get-out-of-jail-free card.

Tom Haviland (to Grissom): I get one phone call, right?
Grissom: Sure, just like in the movies.

Nick: Beans and franks. Tonya's a man.
Grissom: Looks like that old Hollywood saying: "Never get caught with a dead girl or a live boy." So, let's see Tom's in bed with what he thinks are two girls. He reaches down on one, becomes very confused. Most guys would have just cleared the room and gargled with whiskey. But movie boy, who brags about doing his own stunts, couldn't take the thought of having a man in his bed so he freaked out.

[As Catherine wait outside the courtroom, Nick comes out]
Nick: Damn!
Catherine: What?
Nick : Damn, damn, damn. I forgot to put case identifiers on my dice photos.
Catherine: Date, time and file number?
Nick: Yeah. (Catherine doesn't say anything) Don't look at me that way, okay? I wrote it down on the evidence envelope. I had to move fast. The casino manager wanted us out of there.
Catherine: The dice places Tom at the murder. Victim's blood mixed with his saliva.

Catherine: Did the judge exclude the dice?
Nick: No. No, just my credibility.

Warrick: Damn! Why didn't I see that coming? Gambling?
Nick: Hey, we're all in Nevada. It's legal. Don't worry about it.
Warrick: Legal doesn't matter in there. You know the judge is going to throw out our blood evidence, right?
Nick: Truth is, it is compromised, Warrick.
Warrick: The blood is fine. It's their methods that are dirty.

Dr. Phillip Gerard (to Grissom): Gil, good work.
Grissom: My team did it, Philip. I got good CSI's. (signs to Gerard) Oh, and, uh, my mother says hello.

Featured MusicEdit

  • Flight 643 by DJ Tiesto
  • Dallas 4 PM by DJ Tiesto
  • David by Gus Gus
  • Everybody out of the Water by The Wallflowers

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