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Minor Character: New York
T Davis
Name Terrence Davis
Gender Male
CityNew York
Occupation Confidential Informant
Status Alive
Portrayed By Nelly
First Appearance Turbulence

Terrence Davis was a confidential informant who worked closely with Donald Flack, Jr. He is portrayed by Nelly.


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Terence is good at subduing people, which is seen when he knocks a suspect down in his nightclub and knows how to use a gun and can disarm someone.


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Season Five Edit

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When a fugitive, who killed a CIA agent was murdered on a plane, the murder weapon, a Desert Eagle was registered to Terence, which is a violation of his parole. Instead of wanting to put him in jail, Flack hires Terence as a confidential informant and he is let go.

In My Name is Mac Taylor, when a suspect, who usually hangs around Terence's nightclub, Flack and Danny visit him and tell him to call them if the suspect arrives, which he does and when the suspect attempts to escape, Terence helps subdue him.

In Pay Up, he sits down, with a dog before he soon spots a suspicious car and pulls out a gun, before seeing it is Flack. Upon seeing Flack, he hands the gun and dog to a nearby homie and comes up to him. As Terence signs his CI release, Flack gets a call from his girlfriend before a crash is heard and orders Terrence to get out before he sped off. Terrance later approached Flack on the street to give him a vital lead in the murder of his girlfriend, a lead that helps the team find the killers.

Season Six Edit

When Flack is attacked and robbed on the subway, Terrence intervenes, picking up Flack's revolver and threatens the robbers. As the robbers flee, Terence helps Flack up, gives him his jacket as a disguise and takes him to his apartment, where he gets Stella to locate Flack. While waiting and as Flack vomits in his bathroom, Terence is visited by two homies named Deacon and Gigantor, who just killed someone and want to hide at his apartment, but he orders them to leave. Mac later shows and Terence leaves them to talk, beforehand, giving Flack's gun to Mac.


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