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WriterJohn Dove
Barbie Kligman
DirectorChristine Moore
Original AirdateMay 14, 2008
Previous Episode: Personal Foul
Next Episode: Hostage

Taxi is the twentieth episode of season 4 of CSI: NY


When Flack and his partner return to the police station, they're almost run down by a taxi, which releases a body from the back into the street. It turns out the victim is a Jersey City cop. Quinn Shelby, a Jersey CSI, comes to help with the case, and it is revealed she worked with the dead cop. Later, Mac discovers the cop could have been the Cabbie Killer, and this was vigilante justice. The three men who killed the cop said that Reed Garrett, Mac's stepson, put up a blog saying the cabbie killer was a man named Jimmy, the same dead cop. Mac confronts Reed and says that he may have put a target on the man's back. Later, it turns out Reed's source is the Cabbie Killer himself. While outside his apartment, the Cabbie Killer kidnaps him and puts him in the back of his cab. While in the trunk, Reed hears another female victim of the Cabbie Killer begging for her life. Later, the Cabbie Killer puts the victim in the trunk next to Reed. Meanwhile, while looking for Reed, Mac realizes Reed is posting on his blog again. Lindsay Monroe has difficulty getting an I.P., but finds what part of the city Reed and the Cabbie Killer are in. After reading some of the scrollback, Mac finds out that Reed is giving hints about his location.

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