Sweet Sixteen

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Sweet Sixteen
WriterKen Solarz
DirectorDavid Jackson
Original Airdate11/22/06
Previous Episode: And Here's To You, Mrs. Azrael
Next Episode: Raising Shane

Sweet Sixteen is the tenth episode in the third season of CSI: NY.


A parachute jumper doing a promotion shot suddenly plunges to his death. The case gets a new twist when Mac and the team find dead pigeons in the parachute. The evidence leads them into the world of pigeon racing and the discovery of another dead body. The dead man was found near his empty pigeon cage and the caretaker boy falls under suspicion. Mac and Don find themselves in the middle of the conflict between the boy and his abusive stepfather and are at odds over whether the boy killed his employer. A rich family hosts a sweet sixteen birthday party for their daughter. As her present, a brand new Mercedes, is being revealed, the father's body is found in the driver's seat. Lindsay is bitten by a snake found in the car but luckily it isn't serious. It turns out that this girl is a spoilt brat hated by many of her peers.


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