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WriterJosh Berman,
Danny Cannon
DirectorDavid Cannon
Original AirdateFebruary 5, 2004
Previous Episode: Butterflied
Next Episode: Paper or Plastic

Suckers is the thirteenth episode in season four of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Grissom, Sara and Nick deal with a bizarre case when a priceless 17th century Japanese samurai sword is stolen from an exhibit at a casino. Meanwhile Catherine and Warrick have to look into the world of 'vampires' when a young woman is found dead with all her blood drained from her body.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • David Berman as David Phillips
  • Danny Huston as Ty Caulfield
  • Sherman Augustus as Security Chief
  • Wendy Gazelle as Mrs. Sommerville
  • Alan Gelfant as Scott Sommerville
  • James Haven as Lazarus Kane
  • Steven Lee Allen as Brandon Miller
  • Joel Bissonnette as Bobby Jones
  • Sam Doumit as Angela Sommerville/Daegana
  • David Chung as Yuri Yamamoto/Graeme Chen
  • Mei Melançon as Vanessa Green
  • Alexandre Chen as Himself


  • This is a new s**t by Marilyn Manson

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