Still Life

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Still Life
Still life
WriterDavid Rambo
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateSeptember 29, 2005

Still Life is the tenth episode of season six in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


A boy disappears from a public park in broad daylight while his mother is nearby. The child is eventually found alive and well, but claims that the supposed kidnappers are his parents.


  • Grissom's father died when he was 9 years old. He came home one day from work, fell asleep and died most likely from heat stroke on the couch right in front of Grissom.
  • Grissom's father was a botanist.
  • Nick no longer has his moustache.
  • The search engine that Archie used was Google.
  • Although he was listed in the opening credits, Robert David Hall (Albert Robbins) did not appear in this episode.


Sara: Jesse has been missing for four years. We're chasing a ghost.

Warrick: So this kid has two moms?
Brass: King Solomon threatened to cut the baby in half. What are you going to do?
Catherine: King Solomon didn't have a DNA lab.


  • Gone Away by Steve Ripley
  • Lucky Too by Bob Neuwirth


Recurring Roles

Guest Starring

  • Heather Stephens as Karen Matthews
  • Charles Napier as Warren Matthews
  • Jonathan Nichols as Victor Esposito
  • Lori Alan as Valerie Esposito
  • Kevin Durand as Connor Daly
  • Rutanya Alda as Faye Matthews
  • Jonathan Chapin as Ken McCracken
  • John DeVito as Jesse/Adam

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