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WriterDanny Cannon,
Anthony E. Zuiker
DirectorPeter Markle
Original AirdateApril 4, 2002
Previous Episode: Chasing The Bus
Next Episode: Cats in the Cradle

Stalker is the nineteenth episode in season two of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


A young woman is found bloodily murdered in her heavily secured apartment, clearly terrified of someone who was stalking her. The position of her body seems familiar to Nick, and as he and the others piece together the solution, Nick finds himself the stalker's next target.


It is revealed the Stalker to be an admiring television installer who added the television channels to Nick's television in his apartment. He after having a long conversation with him while inserting believed to have sparked an immediate connection and began investigating him.

His investigations lead him to his prom date Jane Galleway who became sick at the prom and had to depart leaving Nick by himself. The man then began stalking Jane by hiding out in her attic and creating eye holes for all the main rooms of her house to watch her. Jane however sensing his omninous presence tightened her house security with more locks.

The stalker however became tired of studying Jane from above and eventually sent a threatening phone call. Jane not knowing the calling stalker was in the house all this time runs to her bedroom closet clutching her dog. She is then strangled with a plastic bag by the stalker.

The stalker taking inspiration from her Prom Night throw-up photo dies her hair back to it's original flaming red and places her over the toilet to recreate the scene from her prom night. Nick investigating her death immediately catches onto the pose. The stalker has now moved onto Nick hiding in his attic.

Nick and Warrick's search for suspects leads them to a television channel installer who recently visited Jane and upon searching his property find him to be there at the time. The man pushes Nick out the foyer window sending him to hospital with stitches.

A Psychic in the meantime consulting with Jane over his proposed visions of her demise foresees the killer hiding out in Nick Stoke's apartment. He visits Nick and while Nick is distracted on the phone travels up this attic. Seconds later the psychic is thrown down through the roof dead by the man who then reveals himself to Nick. He threatens Nick at gunpoint until Captain Jim Brass and the LVPD arrive and subdue him.

Nick while overlooking him through the interrogation room glass is scared as the man can sense him behind the glass.


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