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Spark of Life
WriterAllen McDonald
DirectorKenneth Fink
Original AirdateMarch 31, 2005
Previous Episode: Compulsion
Next Episode: 4 x 4

Spark of Life is the eighteenth episode in the fifth season of CSI.


Grissom, Sara and Greg work a case where a bushfire kills a man and burns a woman, who survived. Catherine, Nick and Warrick investigate the death of a family in their home.


Main Cast Edit

Recurring Roles Edit

Guest Stars Edit

  • Heather McComb as Annebelle Frost
  • Lina Patel as Tara Matthews
  • Lennie Loftin as Chief Rick Dysart
  • Tim DeKay as Neal Matthews
  • Jeffrey Johnson as Morgan Stewart
  • Aimee Miles as Corinne Stewart
  • Daylia Wallace as Dani Stewart
  • Alex Wexo as Stargazer

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