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Main Character: New York
Sid 2
Name Sid Hammerback
Gender Male
Family Two unnamed daughters
CityNew York
Job Medical Examiner
Status Alive
Portrayed By Robert Joy
First Appearance Dancing with the Fishes

"For without death, one can't appreciate life"

Doctor Sid Hammerback is a medical examiner on CSI: NY.


Sid is described as an "off-the-charts genius" who only recently traded in a career as a chef to become medical examiner. He has a habit of over talking and over sharing, which former ME Sheldon Hawkes refers to as "going to that creepy place." Despite any eccentricities on his part, Sid is extremely perceptive and sincerely cares for the well-being of his coworkers (he invites Mac Taylor to his family's Thanksgiving festivities so Mac would not have to spend the holiday alone).

Season Three

Sid nearly dies from a severe allergic reaction to a meatball gyro he ate in (The Ride-In) and is saved by the timely intervention of Stella Bonasera. Sid divorced at least once (Hung Out to Dry), is currently married with two daughters, one of whom is in college, (episode 302, Not What It Looks Like).

Season Five

In (Page Turner) he almost dies of radiation poisoning from a victim in the morgue.


  • Sid wears a signature pair of glasses that are detachable at the nose piece. This allows him to quickly remove them and reattach them at his neckline.
  • Sid's favorite Woody Allen movie is Manhattan. (Reignited)
  • He is named after a dead female relative and is the only person in New York City with that name. ("My Name is Mac Taylor")

Appearances Recurring Cast Season 2-4

Season Two:

1st: Episode 5 Dancing With the Fishes

2nd: Episode

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