Shop Till You Drop

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Shop Till You Drop
Shop till you drop
WriterAaron Rahsaan Thomas
DirectorSkipp Sudduth
Original AirdateDecember 3, 2010
Previous Episode: Justified
Next Episode: To What End?

Shop Till You Drop is the tenth episode of season seven of CSI: NY


A department store manager is found dead inside his store's holiday window display, and the prime suspect in the case, one of his assistant managers, refuses to say a word during her interrogation. Eventually its revealed that the assistant manager is the killer, having accidentally killed the manager when he tried to rape her. She had been keeping quiet to stall for time. In the end, the case is turned over to the Robbery Division as the murder was self-defense and the woman had been stealing money from the store. However, she has terminal leukemia and likely will not live to see trial. Its shown that the woman had been robbing the store as they had been planning to lay off most of its workers before Christmas without bonuses or a chance to find a new job first. The woman had wanted to make her life have meaning and so stole the money and made sure it was delivered to all the store employees who would need it.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Lisa Brenner as Alena Maybrook
  • Jeff Roop as Richard Grossman
  • Patrick Fabian as Charles Richmore
  • Hayley Marie Norman as Tracy Parker
  • Steven Crowley as Tourist/Howie
  • Hart Turner as Pascal Denton


  • Dean Martin & Martina McBride "Baby it's cold outside".
  • Quivver "All Fall Down".

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