Sex, Lies, And Silicone

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Sex, Lies and Silicone
Sex lies & silicone
WriterWendy Battles
DirectorJonathan Glassner
Original AirdateOctober 22, 2008

Sex, Lies and Silicone is the fourth episode of the fifth season of CSI: NY.


A renegade street party ends abruptly when a bludgeoned woman stumbles into the midst of it and dies. Evidence reveals she was a "fixer" who was entrusted with the darkest secrets of Manhattan's corporate and political elite. And when Hawkes discovers one of her clients was the wealthy benefactor who put him through medical school, he must decide whether to protect the secrets of the man who changed the course of his life, or do his job. Also, when evidence on the victim's nylons leads to a missing person, the investigation takes a U-turn into the world of "Real Dolls", a growing industry serving men hungry for female "companionship" without the pesky complications of a human relationship.


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  • Brian Poth who plays Hank Gorem previously appeared in CSI: NY's parent series, CSI: Miami as lab tech Tyler Jenson.

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