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Minor Character: Miami
Sam Owens
Name Samantha Owens
Gender Female
Birth Date April 29, 1984
Occupation CSI
Former Lab Tech
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No. of Victims {{{victims}}}
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Taylor Cole
First Appearance Sinner Takes All

Samantha "Sam" Owens is a Crime Scene Investigator who was introduced in season 10 of CSI: Miami. Sam is portrayed by Taylor Cole.

Background Edit

Sam and Walter Simmons both know each other from working the night shift together. She affectionately nicknamed him "Teddy Bear" (episode 1007, "Sinner Takes All").

Season TenEdit

In "Dead Ringer", Sam messes up a critical part of the evidence by leaving a bloody wooden shard under the microscope too long, destroying any DNA that could be extracted from it which would incriminate Esteban Navarro. Natalia Boa Vista snaps at her in anger for losing the one piece of evidence they had, and tells Sam she should just quit now. Walter then sees her quitting her job and encourages her to stay by saying mistakes are part of the job.

With a new found determination, she decides not to quit and goes to take another look at all the evidence. She discovers the vomit on the victims clothing wasn't the victims, but the killers instead, which broke the case wide open, redeeming herself in the process.

In "Habeas Corpse", it is revealed that she was the one who had killed her ex-boyfriend and had left Ryan Wolfe unconscious next to the body, which deeply hurt Ryan as he had romantic feelings for her. Presumably she was incarcerated for murder, but it's not confirmed what happened.

Known Victims Edit

  • March 25, 2012: Josh Avery (hit in the head with a bottle)

Appearances Edit

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Season 10 - - - - - - X X - X X X - X X - X X X N/A 10
Total 10


  • Taylor Cole previously appeared in the CSI Miami season 4 "Dead Air".

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