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Minor Character: New York
Samantha Flack - S9 E5 Misconceptions (1)
Name Samantha Flack
Gender Female
Family Donald Flack, Sr. (father; deceased)
Don Flack (brother)
CityNew York
Occupation NYPD Media Relations
Status Alive
Portrayed By Kathleen Munroe
First Appearance Veritas

Samantha "Sam" Flack is Flack's troubled sister who often gets mixed up in illegal activities (501 "Veritas").


Flack has tried numerous times to connect with her but Sam always pushes him away (507 "Dead Inside"). In episode 805 "Air Apparent", he finds that she can't get work because of her previous arrests and so he calls in a favor and gets her an interview with NYPD Media Relations. Sam and Flack are both shown to be close to their grandmother and in episode 905 "Misconceptions" even with their differences, they go together to scatter their late father's ashes in Yankee Stadium.


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