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|birth date=
|birth date=
|family=[[Catherine Willows]] (daughter)<br>[[Lindsey Willows]] (granddaughter)<br>Tony Braun (son)<br>Walt Braun (son)
|family=[[Catherine Willows]] (daughter)<br>[[Lindsey Willows]] (granddaughter)<br>Tony Braun (son) (deceased)<br>Walt Braun (son)
|occupation=Casino owner
|occupation=Casino owner
|status= Deceased
|status= Deceased

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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Sam Braun
Gender Male
Family Catherine Willows (daughter)
Lindsey Willows (granddaughter)
Tony Braun (son) (deceased)
Walt Braun (son)
CityLas Vegas
Occupation Casino owner
Modus Operandi {{{mo}}}
No. of Victims {{{victims}}}
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Scott Wilson
First Appearance Burked

Sam Braun was a casino owner with organized crime connections, and the father of Catherine Willows. He owned several casinos including the Rampart (later demolished and replaced with the Eclipse), Tangiers, Whiskey Town, and Pike's Gambling Hall.

He was portrayed by actor Scott Wilson.

Season Two

Sam first appeared in Burked when his son was murdered, however, his importance to future plot developments is not revealed at this point.

Season Three

In Inside the Box he is arrested for murder but the case is later thrown out in Assume Nothing because instead of following protocol, Catherine Willows tests her own blood against an unknown at the crime scene. He is revealed as her father through this event also. He also gave his daughter a check for $250,000. This later allows her to send her daughter to an expensive school. Nick has a case of a dead child from that school and Catherine has the school phone book.

Season Seven

In Built to Kill, Part 1 Robert O'Brien, an associate of Sam's commits suicide after Sam cons him and his partner Joe Hirschoff out of 20 million dollars. Later in Built to Kill, Part 2, Catherine's daughter Lindsey is kidnapped by Robert O'Brien's brother. After Lindsey is rescued, Willows visits with Braun outside of a casino. While they are having a conversation Hirschoff shoots Sam Braun twice in the chest. As Hirschoff turns to run he is shot and killed by Braun's bodyguard. Braun collapses into Catherine's arms and dies moments later. He is confirmed dead in Double Cross when Catherine lights a votive candle for him.

Known Victims

  • Joseph Greene (assaulted only)
  • Vivian Verona (stabbed to death with a pair of scissors)

Victims by Proxy

The following were killed by Robert Rubio

The following were killed by the robbers

  • Larry Whiting (garroted from behind)


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