Room Service

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Room Service
WriterDustin Lee Abraham
Henry Alonso Myers
DirectorKenneth Fink
Original AirdateSeptember 29, 2005

"Room Service" is the second episode of season six in CSI.


Julian Harper, a well-known actor in Las Vegas, but unknown to the CSI crew, is found dead in his hotel room. Grissom suspects foul play. Doc Robbins says he can prove otherwise. Meanwhile, two immigrants from Laos who work in the laundromat of the same hotel are brutally murdered across town.


  • While taking a picture of Julian Harper, Dr. Robbins apparently collects photos of celebrities who died in Las Vegas: Tupac Shakur (shot to death) and John Entwistle (cocaine-induced heart attack).


  • When Warrick is in the hotel room at the start, the corpse's eyes alternate between open and closed.


Warrick: Sex, drugs and movies. The American dream.

Nick (about Julian Harper): Isn't he supposed to be the next Brad Pitt?
Warrick: Now he's the next River Phoenix.

Nick: I thought Greg was in the field, is he back in the lab?
Warrick: I don't know.
Nick: We gotta clear this up, it's like he's confused. Lab, field, field, lab. We have a lab on wheels.
Greg: Would you guys just shut up? I'm doing this as a favor to Ecklie, it's a one time thing. He's still interviewing lab techs.
Warrick: Are you making overtime?
Greg: I'm taking one for the team.

Guy (about his employees): What kinda trouble are they in?
Brass: The kind where you stop breathing.

Greg (to Warrick and Nick): Hey, I heard you guys are having trouble on the Julian Harper case.
Warrick: Who'd you hear that from?
Greg: Ecklie. He's putting me on it.
Nick: Man, you gotta quit kissing his ass. (Warrick laughs)


  • Mad World by Gary Jules (played in the opening and ending scenes)
  • Have Tears, Have No Fears by Tears for Fears
  • Infamous (Instrumental) by DJ Honda
  • Look Right Through Me by Lisa

Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Guest Stars

  • Art Chudabala as Keo Vipraxay
  • Paul Dillon as Joe Cavanaugh
  • Jeff D'Agostino as Gerald 'Blinky' Allison
  • Kristin Richardson as Eva
  • Silas Weir Mitchell as Willie Angel
  • Maite Schwartz as Kate
  • Alona Tal as Tally Jordan
  • Eric Winter as Julian Harper
  • Tang Nguyen as Noy Vipraxay
  • Chi Muoi Lo as Samay (uncredited)


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