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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Ronald Basderic
Gender Male
Birth Date April 2, 1977
CityLas Vegas
Pathology Budding Serial Killer
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Adam Harrington
First Appearance Code Blue Plate Special

"We met at the diner where she worked. I went in there a lot. She was always so good to me. So warm. I just knew. And I could see in her eyes she felt it, too."

Ronald Basderic is a budding serial killer and stalker who appeared in season thirteen of CSI:Crime Scene Investigation and is the arch-enemy of CSI Sara Sidle.


Little is known about his past other than being born on April 2, 1977. At some point he began stalking women who he became obsessed with. His first known victim was the wife of a man named Mark Clovis. Ronald started stalking and antagonizing Mark until he assaulted Ronald, who turned the situation to his advantage by filing a lawsuit for which he was awarded nearly twenty thousand dollars. Eventually Mark tried to kill Ronald but was killed by Ronald instead. Eventually he found a new target in the form of Edie Graham and stalked her for six months including a diner where she worked as a waitress. Edie came to Sara and tried to get a restraining order but could not get one.

Code Blue Plate SpecialEdit

Ronald was waiting outside for Edie to come out when he was spotted by police officers and took a run to avoid them. When he got back he found the eight people at the diner shot to death and left the scene.

He later shows up at autopsy where he requested to see Edie's body and is then arrested by Sara on suspicion of killing everyone. He is interrogated but denies murdering anyone and that he hates guns. He is proven to be lying when his past with the Clovis' is uncovered but is eventually proven innocent of the massacre and released. Before leaving, he told Sara that she was wrong, he couldn't hurt Edie because he loved her. But Sara told him that Edie's death was his fault because his constant stalking kept her from going home and ended up being a victim in the massacre because of him.

Forget Me NotEdit

Ronald started stalking Sara in revenge for what she said and found her kissing a man and formed a plan for revenge. He first broke into her house and tampered with her sleeping medicine. He later found the man she kissed and paid him to buy her a birthday cake and take her into his room. After she went back to her room Ronald broke into her room and called Taylor with her phone and later killed Taylor. After that he switched the shower drains in the room and left Sara's necklace in his room. He then broke into her house again and put the murder weapon in the dishwasher.

After Sara figured out what he did she confronted him and left. Ronald then punched himself and framed Sara for the crime and later dropped the charges to keep her on the outside. He then visited Laura Sidle, Sara's mother, and told her that Sara killed Taylor and got Sara's attention. Ronald is visited by police officers where they warn him not to touch her. Sara broke into his house where she tries to shoot him but Ronald reveals he removed the firing pin. He then tries to kill her after confessing to everything but realized the cops switched his bullets with blanks and is arrested for murder and attempted murder.

Modus OperandiEdit

Ronald targeted women and was careful enough not to break the law. When people would get in the way of his targets or blame him for their death he would stalks and antagonize them so they confront them. He then framed them for assault and draw them into his house where he would shoot them dead and claims self-defense. The exception was when he killed Taylor and framed Sara by stabbing him in the chest seven times, the same manner in which Sara's mother killed her father.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2011:
    • The Clovis':
      • Unspecified date: Mrs. Clovis (Mark's wife; stalked only)
      • April 2: Mark Clovis (stalked and shot to death)
  • April-October 2012: Edie Graham (stalked only; indirectly caused her death)
  • 2013:
    • February 19-20: Taylor Wynard (stabbed seven times in the chest; tried to frame Sara for the murder)
    • February 20: Sara Sidle (stalked and attempted to kill)


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