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Minor Character: Miami
Name Ron Saris
Gender Male
Family Julia Winston (ex-wife)
Kyle Harmon (ex-stepson)
Occupation Arms Dealer
Confidential Informant
Status Alive
Portrayed By Kim Coates
First Appearance Ambush

Ron Saris is an arms dealer and confidential informant who appeared in seasons 6 and 7 of CSI: Miami. He is also Horatio's personal nemesis during this time.

Season 6Edit

Ron Saris is first introduced as a suspect in the murder of a woman named Kathleen Newberry (episode 615, "Ambush"). All the evidence points to him, but unfortunately when Horatio Caine called Julia to bring him in, she called the federal police and had Horatio arrested for the murder of Antonio Riaz.

Horatio flies back to Miami, after dealing with the Mala Niche, and approaches Julia who informed him of Kyle and her living arrangements with Ron. Horatio is very upset about this and fears for the safety of Julia and his son (episode 616, "All In"). Julia and Ron had just gotten married (episode 621, "Going Ballistic"), much to Horatio's disliking.

Season 7Edit

Julia and Ron get a divorce the very same day (episode 701, "Resurrection"), then Lt. Caine blows up the boat Ron was on. He was presumed dead, but they never found his body among the wreckage.

It's revealed that Ron survived the boat blowing up and was trying to fix his harshly damaged face when his plastic surgeon was murdered (episode 721, "Chip/Tuck").

Ron makes a final appearance when he shoves a man into his pool, and it turns out that Ron's pool was filled with a deadly acid, killing the man that fell in (episode 724, "Dissolved"). Later, his ex-wife shoots up the morgue demanding Kyle comes with her, only to be put in a mental hospital when it is discovered she is off her medication.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Kathleen Newberry (beaten, strapped into a car, pushed into a lake and drowned)


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