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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Karl "Red" Cooper
Gender Male
Family Janice Cooper (wife)
Maddie Cooper (daughter)
CityLas Vegas
Occupation Gangster (former)
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Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By William Sadler
First Appearance Killer

Karl "Red" Cooper was a former bank robber and murderer who appeared in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode Killer.


Karl Cooper was an Army Ranger who became a highly successful bank robber. He became known among his accomplices as "Red" because he was often in debt. When one of his associates, Clayton Nash, testified against him in exchange for a reduced sentence of his own. Consequently, Cooper was sentenced to seven years in prison. After being released, he settled down with his girlfriend from Ohio, Janice, and settled down into a suburban family life. In 2006, Cooper's past life came back to haunt him when Nash came to him and, as part of his rehabilitation process in AA, was making amends to people he had wronged and apologized to Cooper for selling him out. Unable to let the betrayal go, Cooper formed a plan to kill him.


  • To date, Red is the first of only two killers on CSI to have been followed by the viewers from the start of the episode in the CSI series. The second was Paulie Krill in the episode Working Stiffs.

Known Victims

  • Clayton Nash (shot twice in the chest and once in the head with a Walther PPK)
  • Ally Sullivan (broke her neck)

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