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Minor Character: Miami
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Name Rebecca Nevins
Gender Female
Birth Date June 29, 1971
Occupation State Attorney
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Christina Chang
First Appearance Hell Night

Rebecca Nevins was the Assistant Florida State Attorney.

History Edit

Rebecca was briefly romantically involved with Horatio Caine, but he broke it off when she made a deal with a criminal suspected of killing a cop, committing a series of robberies, and having a relationship with a 16-year-old girl who took part in his crimes in Cop Killer.

Nevins was not seen again after their breakup until season 6, Inside Out and Chain Reaction, where she appeared as the assigned state prosecutor for Kyle Harmon on two occasions, driving a further wedge between her and Horatio.

In L.A., Rebecca tells Horatio she has to suppress evidence submitted by CSI Jesse Cardoza due to his past history with a previous suspect in his former department. To help Horatio clear Cardoza's name, she sends Eric Delko (now the State Attorney's Forensic Expert) out with him to find the missing evidence from that previous case. In episode 823 ("Time Bomb"), she is killed in an explosion that was meant for Eric Delko, whom she was meeting. They were both conducting an internal investigation of the lab after diamonds were stolen from an evidence locker.

She was played by Christina Chang.

Appearances Edit

Season 3

Season 6

Season 8

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