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Main Character: Miami
Name Raymond Caine, Junior
Gender Male
Family Raymond Caine (Father Deceased)✝
Yelina Salas (Mother)
Madison Barnham (Half-Sister)
Horatio Caine (Uncle)
Marisol Delko (Aunt Deceased)✝
Kyle Harmon (Cousin)
Status Alive
Portrayed By Hayden Tank (1x20-3x2)
Alex Buck (3x6-3x24)
Carter Jenkins (5x1)
First Appearance Grave Young Men
Raymond Caine Jr is the son of Yelina Salas and Horatio's brother, Raymond Caine, and thus also Horatio's nephew.

He is first introduced in Grave Young Men, when Horatio finds out that he has been getting into fights at school. He tells Horatio that he has been fighting because people keep calling his dad a "dirty cop", to which Horatio replies, "You know that's not true". He appears in Hell Night, it is discovered that a homeless man died from a heart attack after being shot with a paintball gun, and Ray Jr. becomes the primary suspect. However, he is cleared when a tape reveals that he asked the shooter to stop.

He is seen at the end of Nothing to Lose when he donates bone marrow in order to save Madison Keaton, who is terminally ill. It is then that Yelina finds out the Madison is in fact Ray's daughter, not Horatio's. He is briefly seen in Whacked when Horatio goes to Yelina's house. When he arrives there, Sergeant Rick Stetler is leaving. Shortly afterward, Ray Jr. expresses resentment toward Stetler. He is seen again in 10-7, the Season 3 finale, when he is kidnapped by people who are trying to flush his father out of hiding.

They are later reunited and fly to Brazil. On the Season 5 premiere, Rio, it is revealed that Mala Noche leader Antonio Riaz has tried to involve Ray Jr. in a drug running scheme. Horatio kills Riaz, but not before Riaz murders Ray Sr. Ray Jr. has not been seen since Season 5, but it is assumed that he is back in Miami with Yelina.

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