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Minor Character: Miami
Randy North
Name Randy North
Gender Male
Birth Date June 13, 1978
Family Austin North (son)
Patty North (daughter)
Pathology Criminal Accomplice
Attempted Murderer
No. of Victims 2 attempted
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Ethan Embry
First Appearance Mayday

Randy North is the biological father of Austin and Patty North. He appeared in the season nine finale and the season ten premiere of CSI: Miami.

Season Nine


Randy North was contacted by former cell mate, Jack Toller, who threatened Randy into helping him escape from the cops or he would kill his kids. Randy agreed to help, but was caught by the police and now was in risk of losing his children.

Since he tried to help the police catch Jack, Natalia promised him that she would testify to help save his kids from being taken away from him. Despite their best efforts, the judge ruled otherwise and Austin and Patty were taken away and were separated, which drove Randy over the edge.

Randy called Natalia and tricked her into thinking Jack was at the pier, and once she and Horatio Caine had arrived Randy ambushed them. He shot Horatio in the lower abdomen, then knocked out Natalia before shoving her into the trunk of a car, rolling it off the pier and into the water in revenge for losing his children.

Season Ten


In the beginning of season 10, he was later caught by Horatio after his son, Austin, tricked him into meeting him near the beach. He tried to redeem himself by helping them catch Jack, but he managed to escape before the police could get to him, and Randy was incarcerated.

Known Victims

  • May 8, 2011:
    • Horatio Caine (attempted, but barely survived; was shot in the abdomen)
    • Natalia Boa Vista (attempted, but barely survived; was knocked out and nearly drowned in the trunk of a car)

Known Accomplices

  • Jack Toller (former; was blackmailed into helping him)


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