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Random Acts of Violence
WriterDanny Cannon,
Naren Shankar
DirectorDanny Cannon
Original AirdateJanuary 30, 2003
Previous Episode: Got Murder?
Next Episode: One Hit Wonder

Random Acts of Violence is the thirteenth episode in season three of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


When the nine-year-old daughter of Warrick's former mentor is killed in a drive-by shooting, Warrick lets his emotions lead him to assume a suspect is guilty without looking at the evidence. Meanwhile, Nick investigates when a man is found dead in a sealed computer room. All of the victim's employees had reason to kill him, but none of them claim to have seen a thing.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Romy Rosemont as Jacqui Franco
  • Geoffrey Rivas as Detective Sam Vega
  • Archie Kao as Archie Johnson
  • Gerald McCullouch as Bobby Dawson
  • David Berman as David Phillips
  • Palmer Davis as Attorney Margaret Finn
  • Ty Upshaw as Officer T. Brantley
  • Keith David as Matt Phelps
  • Dwayne L. Barnes as Gene Jacobs
  • Maury Sterling as Anders Molyneaux
  • Melissa Marsala as Serena Chase
  • Kevin Chapman as Bartender
  • David Packer as Hugo Karlin
  • Jim Rash as Todd Benton
  • Tom Virtue as Doctor
  • Daniel Farris as Tyrel Constantine
  • Chanel Gaines as Aimee Phelps
  • Barry Sigismondi as Police Officer
  • Shawn Smith as Travis Phelps
  • David Robert May as Jason Gilbert (uncredited)
  • Simon Rhee as Garrett Kwan (uncredited)

Major Events

  • Although credited, Jorja Fox (Sara) and Marg Helgenberger (Catherine) don't appear in this episode, due to this William Petersen (Grissom) is now the only actor who has appeared in every episode.
  • Warrick is seen wearing the CSI Las Vegas stab vest for the first time.
  • Tech Archie Johnson goes out into the field for the first time.

Episode Title

  • Random Acts of Violence is a play on the old adage random acts of kindness.

Featured Music

  • Roxanne by Bauchklang.


Greg: All work and no play makes Greg a dull boy.
Grissom: All play and no work makes Greg an unemployed boy.


  • Just after they arrest the Janitor, they are walking out of the building past the employee's. The girl sitting at her chair is not actually typing on her keyboard, her fingers never even press on the keys and her screen-saver is displayed on the screen.
  • When Grissom gives an unfired gun cartridge to a tech for possible fingerprints he says it is a stovepipe and was never fired nor exposed to heat, which is impossible since a stovepipe occurs when a spent casing is caught in the slide before it is completely ejected from a semi-automatic gun.


  • This marks Archie's first time in the field, but he's not seen in action.
  • The room where Nick and Vega first talk to the repairman is actually the CSI locker room set without the lockers.

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