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==Main Cast==
==Main Cast==
*Gary Sinise as Det. Mack "Mac" Taylor
*Gary Sinise as Det. [[Mac Taylor|Mack "Mac" Taylor]]
*Melina Kanakaredes as Det. Stella Bonasera
*Melina Kanakaredes as Det. [[Stella Bonasera]]
*Hill Harper as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
*Hill Harper as Dr. [[Sheldon Hawkes]]
*Eddie Cahill as Det. Don Flack
*Eddie Cahill as Det. [[Don Flack]]
*Carmine Giovinazzo as Sgt. Danny Messer
*Carmine Giovinazzo as Sgt. [[Danny Messer]]
*Vanessa Ferlito as Det. Aiden Burn
*Vanessa Ferlito as Det. [[Aiden Burn]]
==Guest Stars==
==Guest Stars==

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WriterPam Veasey
DirectorDavid Grossman
Original AirdateNovember 17, 2004
Previous Episode: Outside Man
Next Episode: Three Generations are Enough

Rain is the eighth episode in season 1 of CSI: NY.


Three men commit a bank robbery that goes wrong in Chinatown which leaves two of them charred. When investigation is underway, it is discovered that the bank's manager, Joanna Cho assisted the robbery in fear of her infant daughter, Doris. When the third robber is tracked down, he is found in a pool of blood, with bloody baby handprints leading away.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • J. Scott Shonka as Handyman
  • Andre Ware as Tony Fenn
  • Mark Kelly as Rob Bloom
  • Kym Hoy as Nina Chang
  • Alex Sol as Luther Willett
  • Matt Bushell as Marvin Hummel
  • Samantha Quan as Joanne Cho
  • David Guzzone as Kevin Moretti


  • The baby was born in the Year of the Monkey and was 11 months old. Chinese New Year for the Year of the Monkey started January 22, 2004. In order for the baby to be 11 months old, this episode, shown in mid-November, must take place after December 22.


  • "Twilight" by Aphrodite.


Stella: With all this rain, it's not like Mother Nature's playing ball.
Mac: Then it's time to change the game.

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