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Primum Non Nocere
WriterDanny Cannon
DirectorAndrew Lipsitz
Original Airdateebruary 28, 2002

Primum Non Nocere is the sixteenth episode of season two of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Grissom, Catherine and Sara investigate an ice hockey player who dies in the middle of the game. Meanwhile, Warrick and Nick investigate the apparent drug-related death of a saxophone player at one of the local casinos. During the case, Warrick finds himself attracted to the singer who worked with the victim.


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Main Cast

(Credit order)

Recurring Roles

Guest Star

  • Nicole Ari Parker as Lillie Ivers
  • Jeremy Ratchford as Tommy Sconzo
  • Abby Brammell as Jane Gallagher
  • Peter Mackenzie as Doctor
  • David Andriole as Terry Rivers
  • Anthony DiMaria as Bartender
  • Dig Wayne as Joe Baker
  • Joe Sperandeo as Hockey Player (uncredited)

Episode Title

  • The title phrase, "Primum Non Nocere" is a Latin phrase that means "First, do no harm." The phrase is sometimes also written as "primum nil nocere". The term is one of the principal memes that all medical students are taught at med school (and is present, in a similar form, in the Hippocratic Oath) and is a first principle for emergency medical services everywhere.
  • This episode's original title was "Icings".

Major Event

  • Detective Cyrus Lockwood is introduced in this episode.

Featured Music

  • Gorecki by Lamb.
  • Supermoves by Overseer.
  • Born Yesterday by Rob Dougan.

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