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Prey (Miami)
Prey (Miami)
WriterCorey Miller
DirectorScott Lautanen
Original AirdateOctober 3, 2005
Previous Episode: Blood in the Water
Next Episode: 48 Hours to Life

Prey is the third episode of season 4 of CSI: Miami.


Tina Saunders reports missing Sara Jennings, a Georgia classmate age 18 on the Miami first leg of a Bahamas 'ultimate student dream trip'. Sara's rental, illegally provided by Ted Griffin's travel agency, is founded abandoned, with traces of blood and a spy-camera. It shows her and Brad, the bouncer of the night club where Tina claims to have left her 'early' at 2PM, but traces later to the hotel-room of her overprotective step-dad. Someone saw her dump her purse, indicating she was was drugged with a novel power drink. Sara's corps is found, died recently. She had sex during an after-party on Jeff Marshall's yacht, with his mate Thomas Woodward. Confusing forensics pile up, but are hard to process.

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